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Common name

English: English yew

German: Gemeine Eibe

Portuguese: Teixo


Kingdom: Plantae (2634)

  Phylum: Tracheophyta (2572)

    Class: Pinopsida (36)

      Order: Taxales (1)

        Family: Taxaceae (1)(family description)

          Genus: Taxus (1)

            Epithet: baccata L. (2)

Synonyms: Cephalotaxus adpressa Beissn., Cephalotaxus brevifolia Beissn., Cephalotaxus tardiva Siebold, Taxus adpressa Carrière, Taxus aurea K.Koch, Taxus baccata Pilg. (J.Nelson), Taxus baccifera Theophr., Taxus canadensis R.Sm., Taxus columnaris K.Koch, Taxus communis J.Nelson, Taxus disticha Wender., Taxus dovastonii Carrière, Taxus elegantissima Carrière, Taxus elvastonensis Beissn., Taxus empetrifolia Gordon, Taxus erecta Carrière, Taxus ericoides Carrière, Taxus expansa K.Koch, Taxus fastigiata Lindl., Taxus foxii Carrière, Taxus hibernica Hook., Taxus horizontalis Carrière, Taxus imperialis Gordon, Taxus jacksonii K.Koch, Taxus lugubris Salisb., Taxus marginata Carrière, Taxus michelii Carrière, Taxus microphylla Gordon, Taxus mitchellii Carrière, Taxus monstrosa Gordon, Taxus nana Parl., Taxus parvifolia Wender., Taxus pectinata Gilib., Taxus pendula Carrière, Taxus procumbens Lodd., Taxus pyramidalis Severin (hort. ex Ravenscr., C.Lawson et al.), Taxus recurvata hort. ex C.Lawson, Taxus sparsifolia Loudon, Taxus tardiva C.Lawson (Siebold ex Endl.), Taxus variegata Carrière, Taxus virgata Wall., Taxus vulgaris Borkh., Verataxus adpressa Carrière (Carrière)

adpressa => lying flat, closely flattened down

aurea => of golden colour, golden yellow

baccata => of the form of a berry

baccifera => berry-bearing

brevifolia => short-leaved

canadensis => of Canadian origin

communis => common, or growing in society

disticha => distichous, two-rowed

erecta => upright, perpendicular

expansa => expanded, stretched out, spread out

hibernica => from Ireland, Irish

marginata => marginate, having a margin

microphylla => small-leaved

nana => dwarf

parvifolia => having small leaves

pendula => hanging down as through weakness of the stem

procumbens => prostrate or lying down

pyramidalis => pyramid shaped

recurvata => recurved, curved backwards

variegata => irregularly coloured, in stripes or patches

virgata => composed of willowy twigs

vulgaris => common, everyday


Climate: temperate

Habitat: mesophytic

Habit: tree

Flower colour: yellow, beige

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