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Common name

English: Tamarind

German: Tamarinde

Mandarin: 酸豆 (suan dou)

Portuguese: Tamarindo


Kingdom: Plantae (2659)

  Phylum: Tracheophyta (2572)

    Class: Magnoliopsida (2167)

      Order: Fabales (241)

        Family: Fabaceae (241)(family description)

          Genus: Tamarindus (1)

            Epithet: indica L. (12)

Synonyms: Cavaraea elegans Speg., Tamarindus erythraeus Mattei, Tamarindus indica Chiov., Tamarindus occidentalis Gaertn., Tamarindus officinalis Hook., Tamarindus somalensis Mattei, Tamarindus umbrosa Salisb.

elegans => graceful, neat, nice

indica => from or referring in some way to India

occidentalis => western

officinalis => of practical use to man; official species in commerce, especially for medicinal purposes

umbrosa => growing in shady places


Climate: tropical

Habitat: mesophytic

Habit: tree

Flower colour: red, yellow

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