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Common name

English: Great burnet

German: Große Wiesenknopf

Mandarin: 地榆 (di yu)

Portuguese: Pimpela


Kingdom: Plantae (2659)

  Phylum: Tracheophyta (2572)

    Class: Magnoliopsida (2167)

      Order: Rosales (119)

        Family: Rosaceae (56)(family description)

          Genus: Sanguisorba (2)

            Epithet: officinalis L. (11)

Synonyms: Pimpinella officinalis (L.) Gaertn., Sanguisorba angustifolia Opiz, Sanguisorba cernua Besser, Sanguisorba konradii Opiz, Sanguisorba major Hill, Sanguisorba minor Steud., Sanguisorba montana Jord. ex Verl., Sanguisorba nudicaulis Raf., Sanguisorba officinalis Moench, Sanguisorba serpentina H.J.Coste & Puech

angustifolia => with narrow leaves

cernua => drooping, nodding

major => larger than the type

minor => smaller, lesser

montana => growing in the mountains

nudicaulis => having naked stem, denude of leaves

officinalis => of practical use to man; official species in commerce, especially for medicinal purposes


Climate: temperate

Habit: herb

Flower colour: red

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