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Kingdom: Fungi (29)

  Phylum: Ascomycota (8)

    Class: Lecanoromycetes (5)

      Order: Lecanorales (5)

        Family: Parmeliaceae (3)

          Genus: Parmotrema (1)

            Epithet: reticulatum (Taylor) M. Choisy (1)

Synonyms: Canomaculina leucosemotheta (Hue) Elix, Neuropogon ciliatus (Nyl.) Krempelh., Parmelia amphigymnioides Gyeln., Parmelia ciliata (Nyl.) Gyeln., Parmelia concors Kremp., Parmelia decorata C.W.Dodge, Parmelia diffusoides Gyeln., Parmelia foliosa C.W.Dodge, Parmelia laevigata (Taylor) Linds., Parmelia leucosemotheta Hue, Parmelia livido-tessellata Hue, Parmelia macquariensis C.W.Dodge, Parmelia odontata Sambo, Parmelia ornata (Hue) C.W.Dodge, Parmelia perforata Nyl., Parmelia perlata (Taylor) Linds., Parmelia praeperlata Nyl., Parmelia pseudovirens Gyeln., Parmelia reterimulosa J.Steiner & Zahlbr., Parmelia reticulata Taylor, Parmelia sanctae-helenae C.W.Dodge, Parmelia urceolata Müll.Arg., Parmelia virens Müll.Arg., Parmotrema leucosemothetum (Hue) Hale, Parmotrema pseudovirens (Gyeln.) Elix, Rimelia reticulata (Taylor) Hale & A.Fletcher, Usnea ciliata (Nyl.) Du Rietz

ciliata => fringed, as with eyelashes

ornata => adorned, decorated

perforata => pierced with holes or pores

reticulata => meaning networked (veins in the leaf)

reticulatum => netted, resembling net-work


Climate: temperate

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