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Common name

English: Giant sword fern

German: Biseratenfarn


Kingdom: Plantae (2635)

  Phylum: Pteridophyta (42)

    Class: Polypodiopsida (36)

      Order: Polypodiales (32)

        Family: Dryopteridaceae (8)

          Genus: Nephrolepis (1)

            Epithet: biserrata (Sw.) Schott (1)

Synonyms: Aspidium acuminatum Willd., Aspidium acutum Schkuhr, Aspidium articulatum Sieb., Aspidium biserratum Sw., Aspidium ensifolium Schkuhr, Aspidium exaltatum Benth., Aspidium gibbosum Willd., Aspidium guineense Schumach., Aspidium hoffmannseggii Poir., Aspidium hoffmenseggii Poir., Aspidium mauritianum Desv., Aspidium nigropunctatum Spreng., Aspidium paraense Willd., Aspidium punctulatum Sw. (Poir.), Aspidium rufescens Kunze (Schrad.), Aspidium splendens Willd., Hypopeltis amygdalina Bory, Hypopeltis biserrata Bory (Sw.), Hypopeltis palmoides Bory, Lepidoneuron acuminatum Fée (Willd.), Lepidoneuron biserratum Fée (Sw.), Lepidoneuron punctulatum Fée (Poir.), Lepidoneuron rufescens Fée (Schrader), Nephrodium acuminatum C.Presl (Willd.), Nephrodium acutum C.Presl (Schkuhr), Nephrodium biserratum C.Presl (Sw.), Nephrodium gibbosum Gaud. (Willd.), Nephrodium guianense Desv., Nephrodium hoffmanseggii Desv. (Poir.), Nephrodium mauritianum Desv. (Desv.), Nephrodium palmoides Rich. (Bory), Nephrodium punctulatum Desv. (Poir.), Nephrodium rufescens Schrad., Nephrodium splendens Desv. (Willd.), Nephrodium timoriense Desv., Nephrolepis acuminata C.Presl (Willd.), Nephrolepis acuta C.Presl (Schkuhr), Nephrolepis arthropteroides G.Kunkel, Nephrolepis biserrata Bonap. (Poir.), Nephrolepis caudata Christ, Nephrolepis dayakorum Bonap., Nephrolepis depauperata De Vriese, Nephrolepis ensifolia C.Presl (Schkuhr), Nephrolepis exaltata Bak. (Sw.), Nephrolepis gibbosa C.Presl (Willd.), Nephrolepis hirsutula O.Kuntze (Schkuhr), Nephrolepis laurifolia Proctor (Christ), Nephrolepis macrophylla C.Presl, Nephrolepis mauritiana Moore (Desv.), Nephrolepis mollis Rosenst., Nephrolepis paraensis C.Presl (Willd.), Nephrolepis persicifolia Christ, Nephrolepis pilosula Alderw., Nephrolepis punctulata C.Presl (Poir.), Nephrolepis rufescens Wawra (Schrad.), Nephrolepis splendens C.Presl (Willd.), Nephrolepis subcordata C.Presl, Nephrolepis zollingeriana de Vriese, Polypodium integerrimum Vell., Polypodium nephrolepioides H.Christ (Spreng.), Polypodium neprolepioides Christ, Polypodium palmoides Bory, Polypodium punctulatum Poir., Polypodium splendens Willd., Polystichum acutum C.Presl (Schkuhr), Pteris signata Merr., Tectaria fraxinea Cav.

acuminata => long pointed

acuta => pointed, tapering to a point

biserrata => from Latin bi, twice and serratus, saw-like or serrated; ie. doubly serrated, referring to the leaves

caudata => tailed, with tail

exaltata => highest, most eminent

guineense => from Guinea (West-Africa)

laurifolia => laurel-leaved

macrophylla => large leaved

mauritiana => refers to ancient Mauritania

mauritianum => either referring to Mauritius (e.g. Nesocodon), or Mauretania (e.g. Malva), for Solanum uncertain

mollis => soft, tender, usually meaning pubescent like velvet

punctulatum => covered in small dots

rufescens => reddish

zollingeriana => in honor of Heinrich Zollinger (1818-1859), Swiss botanist working manily in Java


Climate: tropical

Habitat: mesophytic

Habit: herb

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