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Kingdom: Plantae (2666)

  Phylum: Tracheophyta (2580)

    Class: Magnoliopsida (2173)

      Order: Ericales (56)

        Family: Primulaceae (19)(family description)

          Genus: Maesa (2)

            Epithet: indica (Roxb.) A. DC. (12)

Synonyms: Baeobotrys indica Roxb., Bassovia silvatica Blanco, Ehretia spicata Bojer, Maesa coriacea Mez, Maesa elmeri Mez, Maesa elongata (A.DC.) Mez, Maesa grossedentata Mez, Maesa indica (Roxb.) Sweet, Maesa laxa Mez, Maesa montana A.DC., Maesa neocoriacea Bennet, Maesa perrottetiana A.DC., Maesa ramosii Quisumb. & Merr.

coriacea => leather-like

elongata => elongated, lengthened, drawn out, extended

indica => from or referring in some way to India

montana => growing in the mountains

silvatica => growing in woods and forests

spicata => spike-like, or disposed on a spike


Climate: tropical

Habit: shrub

Flower colour: white

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