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Common name

English: Pencil cactus

German: Bleistiftstrauch


Kingdom: Plantae (2625)

  Phylum: Tracheophyta (2528)

    Class: Magnoliopsida (2137)

      Order: Malpighiales (111)

        Family: Euphorbiaceae (77)(family description)

          Genus: Euphorbia (27)

            Epithet: tirucalli L. (1)

Synonyms: Arthrothamnus bergii Klotzsch & Garcke, Arthrothamnus ecklonii Klotzsch & Garcke, Arthrothamnus tirucalli (L.) Klotzsch & Garcke, Euphorbia geayi Costantin & Gallaud, Euphorbia laro Drake, Euphorbia media N.E.Br., Euphorbia rhipsaloides Lem., Euphorbia scoparia N.E.Br., Euphorbia suareziana Croizat, Tirucalia indica Raf., Tirucalia tirucalli (L.) P.V.Heath

ecklonii => in honor of Christian Friedrich Ecklon (1795-1868), Danish apothecary and botanist who collected East and South Africa

indica => from or referring in some way to India

media => in between - as of a hybrid for instance

scoparia => brush- or broom-like

tirucalli => a Malayan vernacular name for a latex


Climate: tropical

Habit: shrub, arborescent

Flower colour: yellow

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