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Common name

English: Spectacular Eulophia

Mandarin: 紫花美冠兰 (zi hua mei guan lan)


Kingdom: Plantae (2659)

  Phylum: Tracheophyta (2572)

    Class: Liliopsida (392)

      Order: Orchidales (27)

        Family: Orchidaceae (27)(family description)

          Genus: Eulophia (3)

            Epithet: spectabilis (Dennst.) C.R. Suresh (3)

Synonyms: Cyrtopera bicolor (Ridl.) Ridl., Cyrtopera fusca Wight, Cyrtopera gardneri Thwaites, Cyrtopera godefroyi Rchb.f., Cyrtopera laxiflora Gardner ex Thwaites, Cyrtopera mysorensis Lindl., Cyrtopera nuda (Lindl.) Rchb.f., Cyrtopera plicata Lindl., Cyrtopera regnieri Rchb.f., Cyrtopera squalida (Lindl.) Rchb.f., Cyrtopodium bicolor Ridl., Cyrtopodium squalidum (Lindl.) Vidal, Eulophia bicolor Dalzell, Eulophia burkei Rolfe ex Downie, Eulophia celebica Blume, Eulophia elata Hook.f., Eulophia elongata Blume, Eulophia fusca (Wight) Blume, Eulophia hildebrandii Schltr., Eulophia holochila Collett & Hemsl., Eulophia lutea Blume, Eulophia macgregorii Ames, Eulophia mucronata Blume, Eulophia nuda Lindl., Eulophia regnieri (Rchb.f.) Guillaumin, Eulophia squalida Lindl., Eulophia sumatrana Blume, Geodorum pierrei Gagnep., Graphorkis elata (Hook.f.) Kuntze, Graphorkis holochila (Collett & Hemsl.) Kuntze, Graphorkis nuda (Lindl.) Kuntze, Graphorkis squalida (Lindl.) Kuntze, Graphorkis sumatrana (Blume) Kuntze, Phaius steppicolus Hand.-Mazz., Semiphajus chevalieri Gagnep., Wolfia spectabilis Dennst.

bicolor => two colored

chevalieri => in honor of Auguste Jean Baptiste Chevalier (1873-1956), French botanist, taxonomist and explorer

elata => exalted, tall, lofty, stately

elongata => elongated, lengthened, drawn out, extended

fusca => dark, dusky, brown

laxiflora => loose flowered

lutea => distinct yellow, a full yellow

macgregorii => in honor of William McGregor (1846-1919), Scottish physician and British colonial administrator

mucronata => terminating, an organ with a straight, stiff and sharp point

nuda => naked, bare

pierrei => in honor of Jean Baptiste Louis Pierre (1833-1905), French botanist known for his Asian studies

plicata => folded, pleated

spectabilis => showy, superior, spectaclular

sumatrana => from Sumatra, Indonesia


Climate: tropical

Habit: herb

Flower colour: brown, red, white

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