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Kingdom: Plantae (2659)

  Phylum: Tracheophyta (2572)

    Class: Magnoliopsida (2167)

      Order: Myrtales (76)

        Family: Myrtaceae (20)(family description)

          Genus: Eugenia (2)

            Epithet: punicifolia (Kunth) DC. (1)

Synonyms: Emurtia punicifolia (Kunth) Raf., Eugenia ambigua O.Berg, Eugenia arbutifolia O.Berg, Eugenia arctostaphyloides O.Berg, Eugenia benthamii O.Berg, Eugenia boliviensis O.Berg, Eugenia calycolpoides Griseb., Eugenia ciarensis O.Berg, Eugenia clinocarpa DC., Eugenia coarensis DC., Eugenia dasyantha O.Berg, Eugenia decorticans O.Berg, Eugenia diantha O.Berg, Eugenia dipoda DC., Eugenia diversiflora O.Berg, Eugenia flava O.Berg, Eugenia fruticulosa DC., Eugenia glareosa O.Berg, Eugenia insipida Cambess., Eugenia kochiana DC., Eugenia kunthiana DC., Eugenia linearifolia O.Berg, Eugenia macroclada O.Berg, Eugenia maximiliana O.Berg, Eugenia mugiensis O.Berg, Eugenia myrtillifolia DC., Eugenia nhanica Cambess., Eugenia obtusifolia Cambess., Eugenia oleifolia (Kunth) DC., Eugenia ovalifolia Cambess., Eugenia platyclada O.Berg, Eugenia polyphylla O.Berg, Eugenia prominens O.Berg, Eugenia psammophila Diels, Eugenia psychotrioides Mart. ex O.Berg, Eugenia pyramidalis O.Berg, Eugenia pyrroclada O.Berg, Eugenia rhombocarpa O.Berg, Eugenia romana O.Berg, Eugenia rubrescens Mattos & D.Legrand, Eugenia rufoflavescens Mattos, Eugenia sabulosa Cambess., Eugenia sancta DC., Eugenia spathophylla O.Berg, Eugenia spathulata O.Berg, Eugenia subalterna Benth., Eugenia subcorymbosa O.Berg, Eugenia suffruticosa O.Berg, Eugenia surinamensis Miq., Eugenia triphylla O.Berg, Eugenia vaga O.Berg, Myrtus arbutifolia (O.Berg) Kuntze, Myrtus oleifolia Kunth, Myrtus psychotrioides Colla, Myrtus punicifolia Kunth, Pseudomyrcianthes kochiana (DC.) Kausel, Psidium sylvestre Loefl

ambigua => doubtful, of uncertain relationship

arbutifolia => having leaves like Arbutus

arctostaphyloides => resembling Arctostaphylos

benthamii => in honor of George Bentham (1800–1884), English botanist

boliviensis => from Bolivia

flava => pure yellow

fruticulosa => dwarf-shrubby, small bush like habit

linearifolia => narrow linear parallel-sided leaves

obtusifolia => with leaves blunt at the apex

ovalifolia => oval-leaved

polyphylla => many leaved

punicifolia => reddish-purple leaves

pyramidalis => pyramid shaped

suffruticosa => slowly growing, sub-shrubby

surinamensis => from Suriname

sylvestre => wild not cultivated, growing in woods and forests

triphylla => three-leaved or with a perianth consisting of three distinct leaves


Climate: tropical

Habit: shrub

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