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Common name

English: Rough hawksbeard

German: Wiesen-Pippau


Kingdom: Plantae (2659)

  Phylum: Tracheophyta (2572)

    Class: Magnoliopsida (2167)

      Order: Asterales (224)

        Family: Asteraceae (223)(family description)

          Genus: Crepis (4)

            Epithet: biennis L. (2)

Synonyms: Berinia biennis Sch.Bip., Brachyderea biennis Sch.Bip., Crepis dubia Krock., Crepis glabra Krock., Crepis glandulosa Bastard, Crepis lodomiriensis Besser, Crepis muricata Gilib., Crepis sabauda Balb. ex DC., Crepis scanensis L. ex Froel., Crepis transsilvanica Schur, Crepis tristis Klokov

biennis => 'biennial' - two years

dubia => doubtful, uncertain (usually in regard to taxonomic placement)

glabra => without hair, smooth, bald, bare

glandulosa => full of glands, glandular

lodomiriensis => from the former Kingdom of Galicia and Lodomeri, this historical region in Eastern Europe is divided today between Poland and Ukraine

muricata => full of rough, short, sharp points

sabauda => from Savoy (Sabaudia or Sapaudia), Southeastern France

scanensis => from Scania, region in Sweden

transsilvanica => from Transylvania, Romania

tristis => sad, dull-colored, melancholic, gloomy; of taste: bitter, harsh, disagreeable; of smell: offensive, foul


Climate: temperate

Habit: herb

Flower colour: yellow

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