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Kingdom: Plantae (2659)

  Phylum: Tracheophyta (2572)

    Class: Polypodiopsida (36)

      Order: Polypodiales (35)

        Family: Thelypteridaceae (2)(family description)

          Genus: Christella (1)

            Epithet: parasitica (L.) H.Lév. (1)

Synonyms: Aspidium adultum Wikstr., Aspidium canescens Wall., Aspidium hirsutulum Buch.-Ham., Aspidium molle (Parish ex Bedd.) Benth., Aspidium nymphale Blume, Aspidium parasiticum (L.) Christ, Aspidium patens (Sw.) Blume, Aspidium procurrens Mett., Aspidium solutum Wall., Aspidium tectum Wall., Asplenium gaudichaudii Mett., Asplenium heterocarpum Blume, Christella parasitica (L.) H.Lév. ex Holttum, Cyclosorus albociliatus (Copel.) Ching, Cyclosorus attenuatus Ching, Cyclosorus benguetensis Copel., Cyclosorus brevipes Ching, Cyclosorus chengii Ching, Cyclosorus damingshanensis Ching, Cyclosorus didymosorus (C.S.P.Parish ex Bedd.) B.K.Nayar & S.Kaur, Cyclosorus excelsior Ching & K.H.Shing, Cyclosorus griffithianus (Fée) Panigrahi, Cyclosorus hainanensis Ching, Cyclosorus kweichowensis Ching, Cyclosorus laui Ching, Cyclosorus mollissimus Ching, Cyclosorus multisorus Ching, Cyclosorus orientalis Ching, Cyclosorus parasiticus (L.) Farw., Cyclosorus parvifolius Ching, Cyclosorus pauciserratus Ching & C.F.Zhang, Cyclosorus procurrens (Mett.) Ching, Cyclosorus pygmaeus Ching & C.F.Zhang, Cyclosorus rupicola Ching, Cyclosorus xunwuensis Ching, Cyclosorus yandongensis Ching & K.H.Shing, Diplazium gaudichaudii (Mett.) C.Chr., Dryopteris albociliata Copel., Dryopteris didymosora (C.S.P.Parish ex Bedd.) C.Chr., Dryopteris eriochlamys Christ, Dryopteris mollis Hosok., Dryopteris parasitica (L.) Kuntze, Dryopteris procurrens (Mett.) Kuntze, Filix parasitica (L.) Farw., Lastrea pellita (Desv.) C.Presl, Nephrodium didymosorum Parish, Nephrodium griffithianum Fée, Nephrodium molle (Parish ex Bedd.) Bedd., Nephrodium parasiticum (L.) Desv., Nephrodium patens (Sw.) J.Sm., Nephrodium pellitum Desv., Nephrodium procurrens (Mett.) Baker, Nephrodium tectum Bedd., Polypodium diversifrons Klotzsch, Polypodium hirtum Vell., Polypodium nemorale Wall., Polypodium parasiticum L., Thelypteris albociliata (Copel.) C.F.Reed, Thelypteris aureoglandulosa (Ching & K.H.Shing) Christenh., Thelypteris benguetensis (Copel.) C.F.Reed, Thelypteris brevipes (Ching) Christenh., Thelypteris didymosora (C.S.P.Parish ex Bedd.) C.F.Reed, Thelypteris fadenii Fosberg & Sachet, Thelypteris griffithiana (Fée) Panigrahi, Thelypteris hattivattiorum Christenh., Thelypteris moriana Christenh., Thelypteris orientalis (Ching ex K.H.Shing) Christenh., Thelypteris parasitica (L.) Fosberg, Thelypteris parvifolia (Ching) Christenh., Thelypteris pauciserrata (Ching & C.F.Zhang) Christenh., Thelypteris procurrens (Mett.) C.F.Reed, Thelypteris pygmaea (Ching & C.F.Zhang) Christenh.

attenuatus => long, slender and tapering

brevipes => with a short stalk

canescens => greyish-white, hoary

excelsior => high, elevated

griffithianus => in honor of either, William Griffiths (1810–45), English botanist, Superintendent of Calcutta Botanic Garden, or of J. E. Griffith (1843–1933) of Bangor, Wales

hirtum => hairy, shaggy, rough, rude, unpolished

molle => soft, tender, usually meaning pubescent like velvet

mollis => soft, tender, usually meaning pubescent like velvet

orientalis => eastern

parasitica => parasitic, living at another’s expense

parasiticus => parasitic, living at another’s expense

parvifolia => having small leaves

parvifolius => having small leaves

patens => spreading, opening out

pygmaea => little; small; short; low; dwarf


Climate: tropical

Habitat: mesophytic

Habit: herb

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