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Kingdom: Plantae (2659)

  Phylum: Tracheophyta (2572)

    Class: Magnoliopsida (2167)

      Order: Fabales (241)

        Family: Fabaceae (241)(family description)

          Genus: Amorpha (2)

            Epithet: fruticosa L. (7)

Synonyms: Amorpha angustifolia F.E.Boynton, Amorpha arizonica Rydb., Amorpha bushii Rydb., Amorpha croceolanata Watson, Amorpha curtissii Rydb., Amorpha dewinkeleri Small, Amorpha emarginata Sweet, Amorpha fragrans Sweet, Amorpha humilis Tausch, Amorpha occidentalis Abrams, Amorpha pendula Carriere, Amorpha tennesseensis Kunze, Amorpha virgata Small

angustifolia => with narrow leaves

emarginata => with notched margin

fragrans => fragrant, of pleasant odour

fruticosa => shrubby, bushy

humilis => of low growth

occidentalis => western

pendula => hanging down as through weakness of the stem

tennesseensis => from Tennessee, USA

virgata => composed of willowy twigs


Climate: temperate

Habit: shrub

Flower colour: purple

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