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Kingdom: Plantae (2677)

  Phylum: Tracheophyta (2591)

    Class: Liliopsida (393)

      Order: Alismatales (9)

        Family: Araceae (16)(family description)

          Genus: Aglaonema (1)

            Epithet: simplex (Blume) Blume (3)

Synonyms: Aglaonema alpinum Elmer, Aglaonema angustifolium N.E.Br., Aglaonema borneense Engl., Aglaonema brevivaginatum Alderw., Aglaonema elongatum Alderw., Aglaonema emarginatum Alderw., Aglaonema fallax Schott, Aglaonema grande Alderw., Aglaonema latius Alderw., Aglaonema longicuspidatum Schott, Aglaonema malaccense Schott, Aglaonema nicobaricum Sasikala, Aglaonema nieuwenhuisii Engl., Aglaonema pierreanum Engl., Aglaonema propinquum Schott, Aglaonema schottianum Miq., Aglaonema siamense Engl., Aglaonema simplex (N.E.Br.) Jervis, Aglaonema subarborescens Alderw., Aglaonema subfalcatum Engl., Aglaonema tenuipes Engl., Caladium princeps Kunth, Caladium simplex Blume, Scindapsus tonkinensis K.Krause

alpinum => from the Alps

angustifolium => with narrow leaves

elongatum => elongated, lengthened, drawn out, extended

fallax => deceitful, deceptive, false, closely resembling another species

grande => full-grown, great, large, tall

malaccense => from Malacca, Peninsula Malaysia

simplex => of one piece or series (opposed to compound)

tenuipes => thin stalk; from lat. ténuis (thin, tender) and pes (foot)

tonkinensis => from the area of the Gulf of Tonkin, Northeastern Vietnam


Climate: tropical

Habit: herb

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