Manettia cordifolia Mart.


Kingdom: Plantae (2505)

  Phylum: Magnoliophyta (2404)

    Class: Magnoliopsida (2036)

      Order: Rubiales (58)

        Family: Rubiaceae (58) (family description)

          Genus: Manettia (1)

           Epithet: cordifolia Mart. (5)

Synonyms: Guagnebina ignita Vell., Lygistum ignitum (Vell.) Kuntze, Lygistum micans (Poepp.) Rusby, Manettia attenuata Nees & Mart., Manettia boliviana Wernham, Manettia glabra Cham. & Schltdl., Manettia grandiflora Miq., Manettia ignita (Vell.) K.Schum., Manettia leianthiflora Griseb., Manettia micans Poepp., Manettia paranensis Standl., Manettia stipulosa Wernham, Vanessa cordifolia (Mart.) Raf.

attenuata => long, slender and tapering

boliviana => from Bolivia

cordifolia => with heart-shaped leaves

glabra => without hair, smooth, bald, bare

grandiflora => with flowers larger than the normal

ignita => ignitable, inflammable

ignitum => ignitable, inflammable

micans => shining, sparkling, glistening

paranensis => from Paraná, Brazil

stipulosa => with conspicuous or remarkable stipules


Climate: tropical

Habit: liana, shrub

Flower colour: red

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