Fraxinus angustifolia Vahl

Common name

English: Narrow-leafed Ash

German: Schmalblättrige Esche


Kingdom: Plantae (2505)

  Phylum: Magnoliophyta (2404)

    Class: Magnoliopsida (2036)

      Order: Scrophulariales (99)

        Family: Oleaceae (18) (family description)

          Genus: Fraxinus (3)

           Epithet: angustifolia Vahl (9)

Synonyms: Fraxinus dentata Tausch, Fraxinus elongatifolia Sennen, Fraxinus lentiscifolia Desf., Fraxinus mixta Bosc, Fraxinus obtusa Willk. & Lange, Fraxinus orientalis Colla, Fraxinus parviflora Ten., Fraxinus rostrata Guss., Fraxinus rotundifolia Mill., Fraxinus salicifolia Colla, Leptalix mixta (Bosc) Raf., Ornanthes parviflora (Ten.) Raf., Ornanthes rotundifolia (Mill.) Raf., Ornus rotundifolia (Mill.) Moench

angustifolia => with narrow leaves

dentata => toothed like saw teeth

obtusa => blunt, rounded at the apex

orientalis => eastern

parviflora => small flowers

rostrata => beak-shaped, somewhat beaked

rotundifolia => referring to the rounded leaves

salicifolia => having leaves like Salix (Willow)


Climate: sub-tropical

Habit: tree

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